Aerometals P/N: 1350IN1-7, 1350IN1-9, 1350IN2-9, 1350IN3-1


AS350B Part Number: 1350IN1-7
AS350DH Part Number: 1350IN3-1
AS350D Part Number: 1350IN1-9
AS350 FX 1 & FX2 Part Number: 1350IN2-9
STC Number: FAA STC SR00811SE / Transport Canada Approval / EASA IM.R.S.00273
STC Number: FAA STC SR001049SE / Transport Canada Approval / EASA IM.R.S.00266
System Weight: 14 lbs.
Eligible for Installation: AS350B, BA, B1, B2, B3 / AS350D ON AIRCRAFT MODIFIED BY STC SH581SW OR SR00772SE OR SR00805SE

Operational Characteristics Comparison

Most Airbus Helicopter AS350 series aircraft have only the factory standard large mesh FOD screen capable of only stopping particles larger than ΒΌ inch. An inertial particle separator option is also available. Although somewhat effective in removing larger particles when dust levels are relatively low, any particle separator's ability to filter medium to small particles of sand and dust is marginal. Secondly, the air is forced to enter dozens of swirl tubes resulting in restricted airflow and decreased inlet pressure. Bleed air is used to drive particle ejectors significantly adding to the power loss. Because these fixed losses result in higher operating temperatures and increased fuel consumption, a shorter engine life and higher operating costs result. Premature engine component wear/erosion adds an exponential factor to these losses and the wear/power loss cycle feeds itself.


The Aerometals filter was selected by ERA Aviation for its entire AS350 ASTAR fleet to resolve its costly engine erosion problems and increase aircraft readiness at it's Anchorage, AK and Reno, NV operations. Aerometals equipped Eurocopter aircraft are operating worldwide and have experienced total elimination of erosion and FOD, maintaining engine component tolerances far beyond the expectation of the engine manufacturer. Coastal operators also realize significant reduction in salt build up and related corrosion.

With hundreds of thousands of flight hours on Eurocopter aircraft, Aerometals filters are the #1 inlet barrier filter solution for operators from ERA, US Border Patrol, and many law enforcement, geological, forestry, EMS, tour, and private operators worldwide.